2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers

Life and times of living on (or near) popular beaches

  Competing interests at the coast, especially for those who live ON the beach. Orange County Register. Helayne Perry, De

Big Papi heads into sunset

  Illustration for ESPN.com to accompany a list of all the ballparks where David Ortiz played during his career.   &


Cannes Film Festival illustration for The Wrap. Suggestions for how to get around, where to eat on the cheap and some referenc

Clinton and Trump battle for California

Country stars

Country acts expected in Cleveland for summer concerts. Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Academy of Country Music’s Entertainers of the Year

  The long list of country legends chosen to be ACM’s best. Dallas Morning News. Michael Hogue, Art Director.  

Faces for the Globe

A sampling of the Boston Globe’s twice-weekly Bold Types feature profiling local business leaders. Cynthia Needham, D

GOP Candidates

  The 2016 GOP Presidential candidate class. Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Three Governors debate Mass Transit

  Boston Globe. Three Massachusetts Governors (Baker, Dukakis and Weld) hash out rail transit plans.

2016 Cleveland Indians roster

The campaigns blow into Iowa

  Minneapolis Star Tribune. Greg Mees, Designer.

Battle for the AFC East

    New York Times. Lee Yarosh, Designer

Fun things to do in Orange County

Orange County Register, Helayne Perry, Design Director

Peyton Manning

  Denver Broncos enter the deafening howl of the Seahawks’ Stadium. New York Times. Lee Yarosh, Designer.

Presidential Debates?

  What if our founding fathers debated like they do now? Desert Companion Magazine, Nevada.

When gambling can’t generate the needed revenue

  Nevada Desert Companion Magazine. Chris Smith, Art Director.

Power companies blocking the Sun

  When the power companies make it hard to go green.

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert for the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Oscars hopefuls

The Wrap. Ada Guerin, Creative Director