The Doomsday Podcast logo, animated

Matt Mosley and Ed Werder talk all things Dallas Cowboys and the NFL on their new podcast.

Fire Up? Or Flame Out?

Animated GIF to support print version of the 2017 NBA playoffs section front, where the Cavaliers hope to find a spark to ge

Cavaliers need to flip the switch

Section cover for the beginning of the 2017 NBA playoffs. The Cleveland Cavaliers have not exactly been firing on all cylinder

Home Opener in Cleveland, animated small version.

Home Opener in Cleveland. Animated large version.

2017 Cleveland Indians: the road ahead

Poster page in the Plain Dealer setting up the 2017 season.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, 1986-2017

The band is back together, all 650 of them. Every inducted performer in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

Stay Woke

Stay aware and informed or you’ll boil like a frog.

Coast Magazine samples

Essay illustrations for Coast Magzine, an Orange County Register publication.

Cleveland’s Drum Major for St. Patrick’s Day

Follow this guy in the parade! Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Friday Magazine cover, animated.

Cleveland Indians 2017

Illustration for the Sports Section, Saturday, Feb. 25. First Spring Training Game preview.

2017 Cleveland Indians: Let’s get this party started GIF

Animated version of the static illustration that was the cover of the 2017 Spring Training Sports Section. Cleveland Plain De

The Taxonomy of Trump’s Tweets

Dr. Robert Lakoff broke down four distinct Tweet styles that President Trump uses, each a means to an end. Animated version o

Did Rin Tin Tin win an Oscar?

For the Wrap in L.A.  Ada Guerin, Creative Director

He sees the news, he tweets the news

Video: Political Campaign Music

Not every musician appreciates the attention they get from politicians and the music they choose to rock the vote.

ESPN: Big Papi’s stadium tour

ESPN profiled memorable events in the stadia that David Ortiz visited in his long career and commissioned interpretations of e

Bicycle-mounted police

During the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Summer 2016, bike cops were visible, friendly and effective. A look at

UNLV magazine: The Debate, Vegas Style

Debate Moderator Chris Wallace

UNLV magazine: The Debate, Vegas Style

UNLV hosts presidential debate.