ESPN’s College Football 2017 kickoff weekend

Seven images for to showcase big matchups worth your time as the 2017 college football season gets underway. Neil Jam

Algal Blooms in Lake Erie

  Most summers the shallow, western end of Lake Erie is a cauldron for harmful algal blooms. Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Brent Musburger’s Podcast tile

  Brent Musburger and co-host Matt Mosley podcast “You are Looking Live”

The Trump Train

LA Times ‘Envys’ Envelope Section

NYT’s 2017 MLB mid-season report

Yankee Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger of the Dodgers illustrated.

When Pigs Fly

Bold Type portraits

Portraits of local business leaders featured in the Boston Globe.

Doomsday Podcast: Ezekiel Elliott

Doomsday Podcast: Ron Jaworski

Golden State Warriors: villains

New York Times. Sam Manchester, Art Director.

2017 NBA Finals preview cover

Cleveland Plain Dealer. Tony Briggmin Lariccia, section Designer.

NYT: Golden State Warriors are NBA’s villians

Sam Manchester, Art Director.

Solar Eclipse of 2017

Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Actor Michael Rapaport

For the Boston Globe’s Business Bold Types feature. Rapaport is starring in a Cumberland Farms coffee ad campaign.

Cannes Jury Duty

For the Wrap. Ada Guerin, Creative Director.

Eastern Conference Finals: the beast of the East

Animated versionĀ of printed cover, Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Eastern Conference Finals: Let’s prey

Cleveland Plain Dealer print section cover. Tony Briggmin Lariccia, designer.

2017 Summer Concerts preview

Teaser animation for social media use, supporting Cleveland Plain Dealer story on what shows to see this summer.

Bottom Line on Tax Trimming

Cleveland Plain Dealer printed page. MaryLou Sneyd, Designer.