Gayle King

Animated element for social use with Los Angeles Times illustration.

Gayle King has nothing to prove.

For the Los Angeles Times. Paul Gonzalez, art direction.

Nevada Desert Companion

Animated element for social media for a ziplining in Nevada story.

Nevada Desert Companion

Ziplining in Nevada.

Nevada Desert Companion

The Democratic Blue Wave

True/False Film Festival

LA Times‘ Culture Columnist/Critic Mary McNamara returns to small-town Columbia, MO, for a big-time documentary festival

The host-less Oscars

2019’s Academy Awards show will be sans host. Bob Hope holds the record for MC-ing 19 times. Unpublished.

All eyes on Oscar

Los Angeles Times, Michael Whitley, Art Director

Are all eyes on Oscar?

In a year without a host, who will be watching? For the Los Angeles Times, Michael Whitley, Art Director.


Illustration and GIF for the Cleveland Plain Dealer‘s reflection on the 20th anniversary of the HBO show’s debut.

Oscar pickings

For the Los Angeles Times. Michael Whitley, Art Direction.

The Brady Bunch

I animated my illustration for the Cleveland Plain Dealer‘s Super Bowl Sunday Sports centerpiece.

An Illustrated Guide to the N.F.L. Playoffs, animated.

One of 7 animated panels showcasing 10 key moments in the 2019 NFL Playoffs. For The New York Times, Andrea Zagata, art direct

How Did We Get Here? An Illustrated Guide to the N.F.L. Playoffs

From the Colts toppling the Texans to the pass interference noncall heard ’round the world, the lead-up to this year’s Sup

When to retire…

How long do some people have to work for a comfortable retirement?

Pitch perfect

Lady Gaga and Rami Malek make a pair on the Los Angeles Times‘ Oscar Nominations profile page. Michael Whitley, Art Dire

2019 Oscar profiles

4 portraits done for the Los Angeles Times: Rami Malek, Regina King, Spike Lee and Lady Gaga. Michael Whitley, Art Dire

2019 Oscar Nominations Page

Deadline illustration following the Jan. 22 nominations, for the Los Angeles Times. Michael Whitley, Art Director.

LA Times’ Strong Women

‘On the Basis of Sex,’ ‘A Private War’ and ‘Colette’: films that put the power in women’s hands. Review

Teens need sleep

GIF for the Cleveland Plain Dealer.