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The Undead

Elusive fatherhood

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Cleveland bookstores

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Cleveland hosts NFL Draft

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Christmas at Aunt Ida’s

A fond memory column by Clevelander Dick Feagler, running on Christmas Day in the Plain Dealer on Page 1.

Frances McDormand

For Advance Local publications.

The 2020 MLB Season

A look at some of the personalities and moves heading into the 2020 season. Inside piece for the Houston Chronicle‘s spe

Recent illustrations

A selection of new work in Advance Local newspapers.

Recent illustrations

A sample of some of the pages in Advance Local newspapers.

Yardbarker.com’s 2020 predictions

A lighthearted look ahead into the new year. For Yardbarker.com https://www.yardbarker.com/nba/articles/year_of_goat_tiger_buf

Rest Stops

A story about New York’s improvements to their interstate rest stops. For Advance Local.

Sonic Union nametags

The Sonic Union Sound Studio in NYC made the images onto metal cutouts that are interchangeable around the studio depending on

Top restaurants of the year

A photoshop mashup of stock images. For Advance Local newspapers.

When to retire…

How long do some people have to work for a comfortable retirement?

Cooking with Mom

Author wrote about his fond memories of cooking with his mother. I Photoshopped a file image of a skillet into the heart; illu

Fall Arts Preview: Concerts

Cleveland Plain Dealer

2018 Summer Pop Concerts

Rock. Country, Contemporary and more. They call it Pop up here.  Cleveland Plain Dealer.

2018 NFL Draft Preview cover

Page design by Margaret Riedel. Cleveland Plain Dealer

Fire Up? Or Flame Out?

Animated GIF to support print version of the 2017 NBA playoffs section front, where the Cavaliers hope to find a spark to ge

Video: Political Campaign Music

Not every musician appreciates the attention they get from politicians and the music they choose to rock the vote.