Information Graphics

Ice Fishing

Simple graphic explaining safety tips and equipment to enjoy fishing on the ice. For Advance Local papers.

Recycling in Montgomery, AL

A labrynthian machine does the dirty work so Montgomeryites don’t have to. Advance Local papers, Alabama market.

Cleveland Triathlon maps

For the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Keeping Lake Erie clean: containing storm runoff

  A Cleveland Plain Dealer graphic I reported and illustrated explaining how the City of Cleveland is redirecting surface

Algal Blooms in Lake Erie

  Most summers the shallow, western end of Lake Erie is a cauldron for harmful algal blooms. Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Solar Eclipse of 2017

Cleveland Plain Dealer.

ESPN: Big Papi’s stadium tour

ESPN profiled memorable events in the stadia that David Ortiz visited in his long career and commissioned interpretations of e

Bicycle-mounted police

During the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Summer 2016, bike cops were visible, friendly and effective. A look at

Taxonomy of Trump’s tweets

A look at some of the style and intent behind the POTUS’ tweets. Unpublished.

The shooting of Tamir Rice

Graphic explains chronologically how a police officer shot a 12 year-old boy, armed with an AirSoft pistol, and the events tha

Home theater

Tips on how to get the most out of a home theater. Cleveland Plain Dealer


A¬†lighthearted weekly feature illustrating that Sunday’s Cleveland Browns game. Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Cricket explainer Neil Jamieson, Creative Director

Myers-Briggs personalities

Washington Post. Marianne Seregi, Art Director.

Housing foreclosures: who holds your note?

Las Vegas Sun

Solar energy for your home

Las Vegas Sun

Colorado River watershed

Las Vegas Sun

Nevada’s powerful potential for solar energy

Las Vegas Sun

Historic water levels at Lake Mead

Las Vegas Sun

How a guitar works

Dallas Morning News.