Game of Thrones

The Los Angeles Times culture and media critic Mary McNamara says ‘Game of Thrones’ is TV’s greatest show of all time.

Fantasy basketball dream matchup: 2017 Zags vs. 2019 Zags

Animated piece for the Spokane Spokesman-Review’ online use.

Gayle King

Animated element for social use with Los Angeles Times illustration.

Nevada Desert Companion

Animated element for social media for a ziplining in Nevada story.

Are all eyes on Oscar?

In a year without a host, who will be watching? For the Los Angeles Times, Michael Whitley, Art Director.


Illustration and GIF for the Cleveland Plain Dealer‘s reflection on the 20th anniversary of the HBO show’s debut.

The Brady Bunch

I animated my illustration for the Cleveland Plain Dealer‘s Super Bowl Sunday Sports centerpiece.

An Illustrated Guide to the N.F.L. Playoffs, animated.

One of 7 animated panels showcasing 10 key moments in the 2019 NFL Playoffs. For The New York Times, Andrea Zagata, art direct

Teens need sleep

GIF for the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Early morning Trump Tweets

Indians 22-game winning streak GIF

The Trump Train

When Pigs Fly

Doomsday Podcast: Ezekiel Elliott

Doomsday Podcast: Ron Jaworski

Solar Eclipse of 2017

Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Eastern Conference Finals: the beast of the East

Animated version of printed cover, Cleveland Plain Dealer.

2017 Summer Concerts preview

Teaser animation for social media use, supporting Cleveland Plain Dealer story on what shows to see this summer.

Bottom line on tax trimming

Animated version of the print illustration. Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Fire Up? Or Flame Out?

Animated GIF to support print version of the 2017 NBA playoffs section front, where the Cavaliers hope to find a spark to ge