Michigan vs. Ohio State: The Game

  Cleveland Plain Dealer

Election 2016: Road to the White House

  What a Long Strange Trip, indeed. Minneapolis Star Tribune. Greg Mees, Designer.

Clinton and Sanders hit the links

Keeping Bernie out of the way. Cleveland Plain Dealer.

GOP Convention: When Trump comes to town

Sunday Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Cool Workplaces

Crain’s Detroit Business. 75 cool places to work. David Kordalski, Creative Director.

Game 7 Sketchbook

I interviewed and sketched fans and fanatics outside Progressive Field for World Series Game 7 in Cleveland. Cleveland Plain

Indians 2016 Season review cover

Cover of 26-page special section following the Cleveland Indians post-season run. Cleveland Plain Dealer; Tony Briggman Laricc

ESPN Drawing Conclusions, Weeks 8 and 9

Four illustrations completed each Saturday night exploring the College Football playoff field.

World Series 2016: Indians Against the World

Passions are high for both fan bases to finally win it all, but it seems the world (outside of Cleveland) would prefer a Cubs

A future for the GOP?

Orange County Register.

Browns Madhouse

Browns season preview cover. Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Factory of Sadness

The Browns Football club is a Scarry (sic) place. Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Top tours

Los Angeles Times’ big tour preview.

Downton Abbey

Los Angeles Times.

Two Queens

Dame Judy Dench and Cate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth. Los Angeles Times.

Home theater

Tips on how to get the most out of a home theater. Cleveland Plain Dealer


A lighthearted weekly feature illustrating that Sunday’s Cleveland Browns game. Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Cricket explainer

ESPN.com. Neil Jamieson, Creative Director

Super Tuesday

Minneapolis Star Tribune. Greg Mees, Designer.

Holiday travelers

Making it through the airports during the holidays. Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Sharks in the news

Southbay Magazine (Los Angeles).

Where to find Haunted Houses

Friday Magazine, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Farewell, David Letterman

Letterman’s farewell. Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Garry Shandling

The Wrap. Ada Guerin, Creative Director

David Letterman’s infamous Oscars

The Wrap. Ada Guerin, Creative Director

ESPN: Week 8 Drawing Conclusions

Weekly images for ESPN.com’s college football coverage. I draw a set of four every Saturday night to reflect games that

Nevada’s conservation and new energy efforts

New energy ideas and conservation efforts collide with developers and BLM juggernaut.  Nevada Desert Companion magazine.

Nevada schools, adrift

Nevada Desert Companion magazine.

Trouble at home

Helicopter-borne tourists driving homeowners crazy who live close to Red Rocks.  Nevada Desert Companion magazine.

The wired family

Putting the ‘wait’ in waiter. Nevada Desert Companion magazine.

Myers-Briggs personalities

Washington Post. Marianne Seregi, Art Director.

Housing foreclosures: who holds your note?

Las Vegas Sun

Solar energy for your home

Las Vegas Sun

Colorado River watershed

Las Vegas Sun

Nevada’s powerful potential for solar energy

Las Vegas Sun

Historic water levels at Lake Mead

Las Vegas Sun

How a guitar works

Dallas Morning News.

Las Vegas Sun graphics

Various graphics for the Las Vegas Sun in their gold/black palette.

Rock Hall of Fame: The inducted performers

It took two months, but I drew every one (almost 600) of the inducted performers in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

Fall Arts Preview: Theater

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Fall Arts Preview: Television

Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Siri Siri Siri

When your name just happens to be Siri, life can have some unexpected interruptions. Cleveland Plain Dealer.

ESPN’s Drawing Conclusions

ALCS Preview Page, Cleveland Plain Dealer

2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers

Life and times of living on (or near) popular beaches

  Competing interests at the coast, especially for those who live ON the beach. Orange County Register. Helayne Perry, De

Big Papi heads into sunset

  Illustration for ESPN.com to accompany a list of all the ballparks where David Ortiz played during his career.   &

Bryce Harper

New York Times mid-season report.


Cannes Film Festival illustration for The Wrap. Suggestions for how to get around, where to eat on the cheap and some referenc

Clinton and Trump battle for California

Country stars

Country acts expected in Cleveland for summer concerts. Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Academy of Country Music’s Entertainers of the Year

  The long list of country legends chosen to be ACM’s best. Dallas Morning News. Michael Hogue, Art Director.  

Faces for the Globe

A sampling of the Boston Globe’s twice-weekly feature profiling local business leaders. Cynthia Needham, Designer/Dire

GOP Candidates

  The 2016 GOP Presidential candidate class. Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Three Governors debate Mass Transit

  Boston Globe. Three Massachusetts Governors (Baker, Dukakis and Weld) hash out rail transit plans.

2016 Cleveland Indians roster

The campaigns blow into Iowa

  Minneapolis Star Tribune. Greg Mees, Designer.

Battle for the AFC East

    New York Times. Lee Yarosh, Designer

Fun things to do in Orange County

Orange County Register, Helayne Perry, Design Director

Peyton Manning

  Denver Broncos enter the deafening howl of the Seahawks’ Stadium. New York Times. Lee Yarosh, Designer.

Presidential Debates?

  What if our founding fathers debated like they do now? Desert Companion Magazine, Nevada.

When gambling can’t generate the needed revenue

  Nevada Desert Companion Magazine. Chris Smith, Art Director.

Power companies blocking the Sun

  When the power companies make it hard to go green.

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert for the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Oscars hopefuls

The Wrap. Ada Guerin, Creative Director